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A Very Basic MVP for a Complex Legal Tech Startup

I often see people with amazing ideas that require the creation of complex IT solutions. For non-technical people, it's huge a challenge

understanding the line between a simple product made from existing technology and a unique custom made digital product.

I met with Alexey many years ago in Brussels. Already at that time, he was passionate about an idea - the automation of legal consulting services. His vision was to bring legal services to a huge number of people who currently cannot afford a lawyer.

Alexey's Idea

His startup idea consisted of the creation of an intelligent solution that would collect information from people in order to apply the law on an algorithmic level. For example, the system would generate collective complaints that would stimulate the solving of many problems related to all kinds of issues, such as street cleaning, damage, etc. Another use case is when you finish your rental agreement and want to get your deposit back. In Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and many other countries around the world it can be incredibly difficult for people to get this money back.

Alexey had made a lot of attempts to get his idea off the ground, including taking part in an accelerator program in Luxembourg. During this program, they helped him to prepare a complex set of mockups. However, all of these required hiring a team to make this a reality. Something that was just too costly for him.

An Unexpected Opportunity

COVID-19 has brought with it many issues. For example, the scores of people who had their flights, holidays, gym memberships, etc., cancelled. Many didn't know how or if it was even possible to claim this money back. Whereas others believed it would be a long and arduous process, with no guarantee of success - therefore taking no action.

Alexey decided to use this situation as an opportunity to both help people and develop his idea. Since he had no external funding to build a fully automated IT solution or hire a team to put the previous accelerator mockups together, he asked me to come up with a low-cost MVP that would validate the market need and start helping people quickly.

The Solution

The solution was simple, as all MVPs should be. A Wordpress website with forms, each per the type of request. Requests are then processed manually and advice is given based on prepared legal patterns and ready to use solutions.

This solution made it possible for Alexey not only to begin helping people quickly, and with very low costs, but more importantly, to test his original idea without breaking the bank. An idea that was just a dream for many years is now in the process of market validation in Belgium and Luxembourg. If it gains enough traction, Alexey will be able to use this data to raise funds and begin automation, making it possible to help even more people.

Want to learn more about Alexey's idea and business, visit his website!

Do you have an idea or dream that you would love to get off the ground? Like Alexey, have you been offered solutions that are too costly for you? Or do you just want to quickly and effectively get an MVP to market? Get in touch, and let's build your dream together.

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