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EventifyMe — Wordpress plugin for events

EventifyMe is a WordPress plugin created on the experience of my former startup Eventify Life, which was a holistic platform for events discovery and administration in the industry of personal development and well-being. I created a simplified set of functionalities for displaying events on websites built on WordPress. It includes the following set of features:

1. A well-structured and nicely designed events view on the front-end
2. Easy-to-use and functional booking process with parametrised emails
3. A convenient way to view and filter clients' bookings

4. Direct integration with MailChimp to collect booking emails for subscriptions

5. Additional widget for a minimalistic events view for placing it on other pages

6. Fully customizable hierarchical list of events formats and topics

7. Extended event structure in order to differentiate visualisation of various aspects of information


You can see a life example of this plugin on this website:

If you're interested in using this plugin, contact me by email

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