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Evgeniya Slinko

You are a startup founder and your focus is on sales and fundraising. Your team is mostly technical and has a lot on its plate. Your backlog is full of amazing ideas.

Your MVP is getting early traction. There is clearly a job for a Senior Product Manager, but you cannot afford this position (yet). I'm a perfect fit for your needs at this stage!

 Kind of products I build 


Modern business must not damage the ecology. I guide companies towards the strategy that stimulates waste reduction and moves towards the circulate economy.


The world is moving towards more honesty and businesses transparency. I help to be on that level in a profitable way.


There are ways to identify the narrow focus with minimal possible investment. I help to find all required artefacts and build you a roadmap.


Software digital products are very easy to copy so each one has a number of competitors. I help to find a special authenticity that would serve best your target audience.

Climate Tech focus

Building technology that restores the planet.

  • I hope that 2020 has been the year of a big awakening and that we are finally getting into the rapidly growing trend of building a conceptually new planet infrastructure.

  • I believe we can use the best of our skills for building technology that not only doesn't destroy the planet but also restores it.

  • I give a preference to the clients who follow the principles of Earth restoration and sustainable economy.


...Let's make sure our next generations have a good place to live in...

What can I do for a startup or a non-profit?


Guide a customer research

I help you to understand your market, build user personas, run surveys and customer interviews.


identify product-market fit

Based on the extensive knowledge about the market you want to serve I help to fine-tune your product-market fit. It can be done for either a fresh new idea or an existing product.


Define an MVP

You're most probably full of amazing ideas, but it takes time and budget to implement them.

I help to find the most profitable ones at the early stage and also come up with the lean implementation plan.


build a roadmap

I help to prioritise your backlog and come up with new feature ideas based on your OKRs and a company vision.


setup a digital workspace

I can help you organize your remote team with the best matching technology tools and personalized processes to reach your goals and improve day-to-day productivity and wellbeing

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People who worked with me

Evgeniya is a driving force. If you have a project that gets stuck or is messy, give it to Evgeniya and she will transform it in potential gold. Evgeniya is pro-active, dynamic and independent with clearly a lot of experience in the Agile Software industry. Her engineering and start-up background is also a strong asset.

Sebastien Fantone, Business Team Lead at Ingenico Group

Complementary services


UX and Product Design


Technical audit


QA audit


E-Commerce solutions

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